Once upon a time in sunny South Florida, I worked in the movie industry as a location manager. The days were long, but very exciting. I invite you to sit back, relax and meander through some of the movie sets I worked on. Watch us film stunts. Meet the cast and crew. Tour some of the locations throughout South Florida and Texas where we have filmed.

Movies I worked as a Location Manager

Cape Fear Miami Vice Night Game 
Miami Blues  South Beach Revenge of the Nerds
       Nerds in Paradise 
Sin of Innocence  Charley Hannah Mercy or Murder
Clinton and Nadine Jerry Lewis Special Nasty Hero
Happy New Year Flight of the Navigator Where The Boys Are '84
The New Kids   Drivers Education

Commercials and Music Videos
Diesel Jeans | Techni-Seal | Metropolitan Mortgage | Navy PSA | Eastern Airlines | L'Oreal Make-Up | Phas Shampoo | Sears | Ideal Toys | Corn Chex | Moto Foto | Wheat Thins | Sharp CamCorder | Bee Gee's Music Video | Macy's | Lincoln Town Car | Dunhill Cigarettes | Crystal Light | Lipton Tea | Toro Lawn Mower | Rockport Shoes 

Director's Guild of America Teamster's Local 390

Location Manager
A person who manages various aspects of filming a movie on location, such as arranging with authorities for permission to shoot in specific places. The Location Manager is not based on set and therefore has an Assistant Location Manager who represents the department and manages the department's interests on set where the Location Manager's permission is not required or where elements of the Location Managers job has been delegated the Assistant Location Manager to oversee. (IMdb Glossary)

The Internet Movie Database is the most comprehensive film and television related web page I have found. It is a dream come true for all film buffs. I applaud them for the volume of information they have compiled and the navigational ease in which it is presented. Look for them throughout my movie pages. Thank you for your interest in the movies! 

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