Happy New Year (Feature) was filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. For the New Year's Eve scene, the production had to manufacture snow to cover a city block in downtown Miami--it was the middle of the summer. For more credits and trivia about Happy New Year, go to HAPPY NEW YEAR , courtesy of The Internet Movie Database. Thank you for your interest in the movies!

Peter Falk | Charles Durning | Claude Lelouch | Gary Maas | Jack Hrkach | Tom Courtenay | Earleen Carey | Debbie Garrett | Karina Etcheverry | Ted Bartsch | Wendy Hughes | Tracy Brooks Swope | John Copeland | Cloyce Marrow | Anthony Heald | Peter Sellars | Daniel Gerroll | Bruce Malmuth | Gary Richardson | D.L. Blakely | Clarence Thomas | Pinky Pincus | Gary Cox | Yoshiko Minami | Ray Jason | Jackie Davis | Fritz Bronner | Ruben Rabasa | Richard Street | Ron Tyson | Otis Williams | Ali Woodson | David English | Sal Carollo | Don Kalpakis | Bruce Kirby | Ellen Simmons | Dan Fitzgerald 

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