After raising my children, sailing the Atlantic|Caribbean, working for fifteen years as a location manager in film and television, developing a product called SANDALS and earning a Florida real estate license, I decided to return to school for an education. April 1994, with only 30 credits on my transcript, I enrolled at Nova Southeastern University to earn my B.S. in Psychology (May 5, 1996) and a Masters in Computing Technology and Education (May, 1998). I am presently working on my Doctorate in Computing Technology in Education...and, I do not plan to end this trek until I have earned that Ph.D. "Dr. Mom! That has a nice ring!" Join me as I explore continuing education.
UNIVERSITIES ATTENDED:  Nova Southeastern University Broward Community College Lamar University
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Current Status: Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate) in Computing Technology In Education
Master of Science in Computing Technology In Education

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

DCTE Classes
DCTE 750- Applied Database Systems (completed)

DCTE 745- Multimedia (completed)

 DCTE 845  - Project in Multimedia (completed)

 DCTE 747  - Learning Theory (completed)

 DCTE 847  - Project:  Learning Theory (completed)

DCTE 720- Human-Computer Interaction (completed)

DCTE 700 - Research Methodology (completed)

DCTE 800 - Project - Research Methodology (completed)

DCTE 730 - Seminar in Online Learning Environments (completed)

DCTE 740 - Telecommunications & Computer Networks (completed)

DCTE 770 - Courseware Design (completed)

DCTE 770 - Project: Courseware Design (completed)

MCTE Classes
MCTE 680 - Human Computer Interaction (completed)

MCTE 690 - Research Methodology (completed)

MCTE 630 - Database Systems (completed)

MCTE 645 - Spreadsheet, Database, and Graphing Applications (completed)

MCTE 650- Computer Networks (completed)

MCTE 660 - Multimedia and Emerging Technologies (completed)

MCTE 615 - The Internet (completed)

MCTE 626 - Authoring Systems Design (completed)

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